My name is Stefania and I am a designer

I am a purpose driven designer. I believe in creating engaging user journeys based on customers needs, and in using creativity to tell captivating stories. I have been working as a designer in Sydney for the last 10 years. The focus of my work and my skills shift has I join different teams on various projects; some are more graphic based, some more UX and UI based, and some are just the right mix. Here I have a small showcase of some of the more recent projects I have worked on.

If you like what you see please get in touch, I am always open to explore new collaborations and projects!

Paul's extraordinary place

My work involved designing the entire site content including the illustration of Felix's character, Frank's bonsai book, the smoothies recipes, the colouring book's drawings, and more. View live site

The Extraordinary
Milk Delivery Game

This game is part of the Paul's 'Extraordinary Place' digital campaign. I drew all the assets of the game. All houses are illustrations of the actual scaled model that was built for the TV ad. Play the game

Toyota digital campaigns

I worked on various digital campaigns for Toyota, these include: the 'New-Look Prado', the Camry 'Calling all the heroes', the Camry RZ 'Dad to the bone' and the Rav4 'Live for adventure'. For each campaign, the design executions I delivered varied from landing pages, to YouTube mastheads, rich media interactive banners and standard banners.